Our Team.

GM - Tucson, AZ

GM - Northern AZ
GM - Columbus, OH

Ahamed Barakath




GM - Charlotte, NC

Richard Dilley




GM - Salt Lake City, UT

Chadwick Fairbanks


GM - Tampa, FL
Brian Finland




GM - Memphis, TN

Jacob Fullerton




GM - Atlanta, GA
GM - Kansas City, MO

GM - St. Louis, MO
Elliot Hosch




GM - Orlando, FL

Jacob Jacob





GM - Dallas, TX
GM - Austin, TX
GM - San Antonio, TX

Perry Lowe




GM - Houston, TX

Nick Mason




GM - Las Vegas, NV

Ilya Nabutovskiy





GM - Birmingham, AL

Savannah Stehlin




"I LOVE the Atlanta market because there is so much potential and opportunity. The market is so multi-faceted with a dynamic range of price points and properties. There is never a dull day working in the Atlanta market and it is growing each and every day!"
- Elliot, Atlanta GM

"Birmingham, AL is by far one of the hottest, most appreciating investor markets in the nation. The city's homes have seen an 11% appreciation year after year and their rent to own ratio has almost a 50/50 split; making it an ideal market for both buy hold and flip investors of single-family and multifamily properties."
- Savannah, Birmingham GM

"I love my market because of the incredible opportunities that Las Vegas has to offer. Not only is the market on fire with property values going up every month but with the Las Vegas Strip, one commercial deal can change your life!"
- Ilya, Las Vegas GM

"It is a big market with a lot of potentials. Opportunity to make money."
- Nick, Houston GM

"I love my market because Dallas has immense opportunity and tons of tertiary markets to play in. Additionally, the people are great to work with. Including sellers, buyers, wholesalers, Astro students, and bird dog types."
- Perry, Dallas GM

"Charlotte is such an energetic, fast-paced, and exciting place! I love Charlotte because there is a location fit for every type of person from metro to rural! This market is white-hot and is only going to continue exploding in the near future!"
- Richard, Charlotte GM

"Love Tucson market for tons of opportunity for real estate. Especially near the U of A, and anything in Northern Tucson with a beautiful view of the valley of the sun. Also beautiful brick build homes to million-dollar homes with tons of potential for outdoor activities."
- Ahamed, Tucson GM

"There are so many reasons to love the greater Tampa area: Beaches, great weather, job growth, housing growth, and the list goes on! Now, if we're talking about real estate specifically, there's a plethora of opportunities and so many great professionals to build relationships with. It's a fantastic place to build a great business in this industry."
- Brian, Tampa GM

"I love the Salt Lake Valley because it's such an awesome place to live and raise a family!  From a dozen ski resorts to half a dozen national parks, Utah offers an amazing range of outdoor activities and topographies spread across all four seasons.  Utah's well-balanced geopolitical climate and it's very favorable socio-economic landscape make it a top destination in the country for strategic relocation.  Utah's young and growing population along with its booming economy is sure to make it one of the nation's top leaders in years to come."
- Chadwick, Salt Lake City GM

"Memphis is the Home of the Blues & Birthplace of Rock 'n' Roll Baby! Memphis has a lower than average cost of living and ranks #1 in the Country to buy Investment Real Estate! Memphis has an investment property for every budget and has a larger than average rent-to-own ratio making it the perfect place to grow your Real Estate Empire!"
- Jacob, Memphis GM

"The Orlando market is the Walt Disney capital of the East coast! As a result, tourism is central to the economy and has created a thriving short-term rental and housing sector. Investment opportunities are not scarce— working with the right wholesale company is. We believe in the integrity of our relationships with our investors, wholesalers, real estate agents, and homeowners that bring great value in this market!"
- Jacob, Orlando GM

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